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NeedleAID Green

We are committed in supporting sustainable material recycling practices, collecting and rerouting plastic caps to local recycling programs


The NeedleAID Green Recycling Unit makes responsible needle-cap use safe and efficient in your research facility or clinic.

Our Green Subscription Package is customizable for your facility, clinic or lab, and we can accept a wide array of single-use plastics, including masks, gowns, wrappers, needle-caps and more!

Did you know that needle-caps are 100% recyclable? 

More than 16 billion needles are used every year - that's 100 blue whales worth of recyclable needle caps that get thrown away every year!


Clients we partner with

We are proud to be the safe needle preparation and recycling system of choice for a wide variety of hospitals, clinics, facilities, organizations and users around the world. Here are some of the clients we partner with to protect their workers and recycle needle caps safely:

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