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Safer workplaces start here

We believe that everyone deserves a safe environment in every clinic and hospital, enhancing the working conditions for healthcare professionals around the world

NeedleAID makes needle preparation safe, easy, and stress-free

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Reduces Risk:
Over 95% of needlestick injuries in the healthcare setting go unreported. NeedleAID significantly decreases the risk of needlestick injuries during needle prep, reducing stress and burnout.


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Time Savings:
NeedleAID's intuitive design streamlines the needle preparation process, enabling you to focus more on patient care and work safely with high volumes of needle preparation for patient injections.

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Reduces Anxiety:
Nurses report needlestick injuries as the 3rd-most frequent area of anxiety in healthcare. NeedleAID eliminates the anxiety linked with needlestick injuries, allowing healthcare professionals to work confidently and calmly when preparing needles.

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Reduces Effort:
NeedleAID minimizes the effort required for safe needle handling, streamlining efficiency, boosting your team's productivity while maintaining Worksafe-compliant practices.

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Workplace Safety:
Transform your healthcare needle preparation station into a paradigm of safety with NeedleAID, ensuring the well-being and safety of your team, reducing burnout and worker stress.

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Regulatory Compliance:
NeedleAID not only aligns with, but exceeds, regulatory standards for needle safety in healthcare environments in Canada, the USA and the EU.

"As a nurse, I've always been aware of the risks associated with handling needles. Since our hospital started using NeedleAID, I've seen a significant reduction in needlestick injuries. It's truly an innovation that makes our job easier, safer and less stressful."

Miranda L, Nurse Practicioner

"For the first time in my hospital pharmacy career, I can confidently say I'm not worried about needlestick injuries, thanks to NeedleAID. Its ease of use and the safety it provides is beyond compare. It's definitely a must-have for all healthcare institutions."

Anna F, Hospital Pharmacist


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Clients we partner with

We are proud to be the safe needle preparation system of choice for a wide variety of hospitals, clinics, facilities, organizations and users around the world. Here are some of the clients we partner with to protect their workers:

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