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About Us

DECAP is an entrepreneurship@UBC startup company that has created the next generation of innovative needle safety devices: NeedleAID.


Borne of personal experience, our cofounders both injured themselves with needles in the workplace, and when they looked for alternatives to what they had been given to use, they learned there was nothing available for them.  


So they created it.


Each year, 2 million healthcare, veterinary, lab and research workers receive needlestick injuries. That's one injury every 15 seconds.


We created NeedleAID to bring that number down to zero.


NeedleAID is patent-pending and has been tested in over 100 laboratory, research and clinical environments over the past 3 years. Jamie and Ina have won multiple accolades in accelerators and competitions around the world with NeedleAID.


Their mission is to have NeedleAID devices in every hospital, clinic, pharmacy and research lab around the world, wherever there is needle preparation or use. Because with NeedleAID, safer workplaces are our priority.

Our Partners

We are proud to be the safe needle preparation system of choice for a wide variety of hospitals, clinics, facilities, organizations and users around the world. Here are some of the partners we work with to make NeedleAID a reality:

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