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Why choose NeedleAID?

Revolutionize safe needle preparation practices for your team

NeedleAID makes needle preparation safe, easy, and stress-free

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Reduces Risk:
Over 90% of needlestick injuries go unreported. With NeedleAID, the likelihood of needlestick injuries is significantly reduced, paving the way for a safer work environment.


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Time Savings:
NeedleAID's intuitive design streamlines the needle preparation process, enabling you to focus more on patient care and work safely with high volumes of needle preparation for injections.

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Reduces Anxiety:
NeedleAID eliminates the anxiety linked with needlestick injuries, allowing healthcare professionals to work confidently and calmly when preparing needles.

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Reduces Effort:
NeedleAID minimizes the effort required for safe needle handling, streamlining efficiency, boosting your team's productivity while maintaining safe practices.

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Workplace Safety:
Transform your workspace into a paradigm of safety with NeedleAID, ensuring the well-being and safety of your team, reducing burnout and worker stress.

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Regulatory Compliance:
NeedleAID not only aligns with, but exceeds, regulatory standards for needle safety in Canada, the USA and the EU.


"As a nurse, I've always been aware of the risks associated with handling needles. Since our hospital started using NeedleAID, I've seen a significant reduction in needlestick injuries. It's truly an innovation that makes our job easier, safer and less stressful."

Miranda L, Nurse Practitioner

"As a research technician dealing with needles daily, the safety NeedleAID provides is immeasurable. It's eliminated the constant worry of needlestick injuries, allowing us to focus more on our research. It's a game-changer in the lab and animal facility, and has greatly increased our efficiency."

Victoria M, Research Technician

Every year, 2 million healthcare, veterinary, lab and research workers receive needlestick injuries. That's one every 15 seconds.

We created NeedleAID to bring that number down to zero.

NeedleAID is Patent-Pending and has been tested in more than 100 laboratory, research and clinical environments over the past 3 years, winning multiple accolades in accelerators and competitions around the world.

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