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For high-risk needle-usage situations, including in substance use clinics, Containment Level 3 and 4 biosafety hoods, NeedleAID's Standard-Size Safety Cone ensures needles never spill onto the work-area, even if the NeedleAID Collector Unit is turned upside-down!
Simply screw this modular part onto the NeedleAID Collector Unit, then screw the Safety Cone onto the Safe Needle Prep Unit for a safe, easy 3-in-1 combination!

NeedleAID Standard-Size Safety Cone - Prevents Spillback

SKU: 364215376135200
    • Includes Safety Cone only
    • Should be replaced every 4-8 months, depending on frequency of use, or immediately if adhesive base becomes loose, or if unit fills up
    • Reusable, reduces sharps waste and associated disposal costs
    • Health Canada MDEL certification for manufacture of product
    • Easily sterilizable with alcohol/antimicrobial sprays
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